Things to Know About Eyelash Extensions

Things to Know About Eyelash Extensions

Many women do not have the patience and time for applying fake eyelashes daily. It not surprising that eyelash extensions have become very populous in recent years and it depends on the extent that you want to go to become sexy.

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Common eyelash extension types

The three main lash extension types are mink, silk, and synthetic. The available sizes range from six to seventeen millimeters. After the selection, the lashes get applied one after the other by the use of formulated, semi-permanent glue which will neither irritate the eyes nor damage the natural lashes. Nevertheless, since these reactions are possible, there exist different glue types based on the sensitivity of the individual.


How long will it take to apply these extensions?

The application of a set of lashes takes approximately two hours, and you can maintain them throughout the year with touch-ups every four weeks. A half set has dramatically similar results but can be applied as filler to natural lashes or can be applied outwards to give the eyes a specialized look.

Every individual has different lashes and depending on your natural lashes condition; experts can only accept to go to certain thicknesses and lengths. For instance, in case your natural lashes are thin and short, you will not be able to get a dramatic, crazy look because it will not last. If it is your first time, it is advisable, to begin with the half set.


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What if the glue gets stuck in the eyes?

Since the eyes get shut when the extensions are being applied, there are limited chances that the glue will get into the eyes. However, to avoid irritation, you need to start by ensuring that you take a safety precaution of making sure that it is safe for the eyes and does not contain anything which can harm them.

It is also imperative to outline the difference between an infection and an allergic reaction. An experienced and licensed lash technician will not allow the infection to occur, but you have a glue allergy, you will still be allergic.


Is blindness a possibility?

No, the technician needs to have proper training for applying the lashes and adhesive in a manner that is harmless. Your eyes are also closed the whole time during the procedure. Regardless of how bad the reaction will be, you will never get blind. In the scenario the allergy gets bad, you can go to the eye doctor to be given particular eye drops that will treat your reaction.

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And when you cry?

In case you experience any discomfort or burning during the procedure, making you cry or causing the eyes to tear, it is a massive red flag, and you need to speak up. The technician may have to change the glue used to place the eyelash extensions. The experience of getting these extensions needs to be fully painless.


How often will you be redoing the extensions?

These extensions last through the growth cycle of natural lashes, which is typically between six to eight weeks. Since the growth of each person’s lashes is variable, it is suggested to do maintenance after four weeks to maintain full looks.


Do they fall out after some time?

Since each extension gets attached to one lash, they will naturally fall out alongside the natural cycle of the lash. A touch-up is recommended after four weeks. When a professional with no experience applies the lashes, he will apply one lash to three or four natural ones, causing the lash to break or clump out. Additionally, the lashes may fall out when you try to pull or pick them out. However, if you can avoid these issues, the lashes will stay intact for as long as the natural ones.


Will the natural lashes get harmed?

The commonest myth about these lashes is that they damage natural ones. They will not damage them when applied well. They are safe, and the health of natural ones does not get ruined. You need not rub, pull, or tug the eyes on the extensions because it may lead to damage and loss to natural lashes. If the lashes get applied to natural lashes one after the other, they will not fall out. Just like when choosing the hairstylist, it is good to choose the specialist to work on you and the length of the lashes. 

Bar Salon and Spa, Stuart Florida, best hair salon, foilyage, balayage, bowlayage, french haircut


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