What is Bowlayage?

What is Bowlayage?

Bowlayage, which is a French name, means to paint or to sweep. It is a freehand technique for coloring the hair which gives a blended natural look without obvious or harsh regrowth lines. It allows you to get hair with a sun-kissed color that is similar to what the nature give to children; a less noticeable, softer re-growth. The main idea is that less is more when it comes to creating a multi-tonal, natural finish. This technique utilizes light patches and shade to come up with different color dimensions. It is a marvelous technique when you want a bold color overhaul.

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How do you apply bowlayage?

You paint bowlayage on the hair strand surface and not saturated in the section up to the tips. It gives you a blended, smooth stroke of color. You can also call it the freehand technique as no meche or foil is utilized in the creation of the highlights.

How long will bowlayage take?

Bowlayage depth varies so much from several small highlights that take several minutes to a triple, full on process that may take up to three hours. Even though it might take a lot of time to carry out the layered, multi-tonal bowlayage as compared to the regular color, the pros of this application means that you will leave longer before the next color appointment. In case you want few bowlayage babylights, you may require about forty-five minutes.

What differentiates it from traditional coloring of the hair?

Bowlayage is quite distinct from traditional highlights because the color gets painted on freehand and no foil is utilized. The final result is not as uniform as the typical results. If you have worries of having a stripy color following a visit to the hairdresser, the sure way of avoiding the harsh contrast in the color is bowlayage, especially when you prefer being blonder. The created color is completely bespoke and can be placed in a way of distracting or complimenting attention away from particular facial features.

What is making it popular now?

The coloring phenomenon of today is not similar to the one that was in the market ten years ago. It is a particular method that has not been taught widely until recently. This technique is populous with celebrities and serves as a perfect look for red carpets. After being spotted on many celebrities, the interest surge has increased because people are requesting to have this look.

Does it necessitate a lot of maintenance?

Bowlayage does not need a lot of maintenance like the traditional color since it grows out beautifully without regrowth lines. The other meaning is that you can wait longer between the appointments, making it ideal for the modern day busy woman.

If you would like to make bowlayage stay for long, it is advisable to choose babylight since it is the most subtle color type that you can choose. Investing in good quality styles of color is helpful in keeping your color fresh for long. In case your color turns brassy after some time, you can just refresh it without procuring a full top-up with a gloss or toner to make it shining.


Bar Salon and Spa, Stuart Florida, best hair salon, foilyage, balayage, bowlayage, french haircut


Is it good for all types and lengths of hair?

It is functional on both dark and light hair depending on the level of lightness you would like and all hair textures. Whether curly, wavy, or straight, the color will look great and work well. Bowlayage works on all lengths of hair apart from cropped or very short hair. This technique is populous amongst celebrities with textured, long hair as it creates a beachy, beautiful style.

How long does it last?

Not requiring as much upkeep compared to traditional color is among the biggest bowlayage perks. Since it has blended finish, you are able to leave for long between appointments depending on the style you choose.

Does it work on grey hair?

Bowlayage will work on all colors but it will not cover grey hair. It will only assist blend inside grey just to disguise it. It is not the right choice for grey hair when you desire full coverage.

What makes it timeless?

This technique creates a personalized, bespoke color finish. Natural, healthy looking hair will always remain “in” which is reason enough to keep the technique populous for long. Depending on the thing that you want, the finish might be quite bold or subtle. It is its ability of tailoring color completely that makes it a populous color choice.


Bar Salon and Spa, Stuart Florida, best hair salon, foilyage, balayage, bowlayage, french haircut

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