What is Hair Hand Painting?

What is Hair Hand Painting?

If you go to the salon to get your hair colored, you realize that there are techniques which technicians use in hand painting the hair. The genius behind this technique said that the idea started as a dream. When you want to answer the question “what is hair hand painting,” you will have to start by creating a design that creates different patterns like diagonals, swirls, and circles on a six-inch sheet of the hard version of plexiglass.


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In the current hair color trends, the Balayage style of 2016 is apparently about hand painting, which is a novel technique that borrows so much from the ideas of Balayage. It takes you to another level by allowing the technicians to have more hands on.

While the Balayage technique allows the salonist to paint the hair by use of brushes, hand painting is more exact like the way it sounds – painting the hair by use of the hand by use of the hand as the primary tool. The color is applied directly by the use of hands. This technique simplifies things, it is easy to work with, and gives beautiful result. The results are certainly beautiful, making this technique viable for the market.

Hair hand painting is a progressive play on top of Balayage, giving the salonists a one hundred percent free hand, assisting with melting the color into the hair by use of the smooth surface of the palm, giving allowance to the blend to provide soft results.

In case the promise of achieving natural-looking results is not enough to make you procure it, you will get other benefits to this technique. Requesting for a hair hand painting on your next appointment will make sure that you remain on the trend. Since the dye is applied in the free hand manner, the effects are more gradual and soft as compared to dip-dye looks that people use to apply years ago. It is also quite affordable because the organic color means you will be visiting the salon for upkeep less frequently.


Bar Salon and Spa, Stuart Florida, best hair salon, foilyage, balayage, bowlayage, french haircut


The most imperative benefit, possibly, is the belief that hair hand painting is healthier for the hair than the traditional techniques that tend to weaken follicles of the hair. With these benefits, it is worth trying this technique out on your next appointment.

For individuals that jumped on the bandwagon of Balayage, you know that it is a phenomenal technique utilized in incredibly adding natural looking dimension and highlights to the hair. It has been there for a long time but skyrocketed to popularity when they were found on heads of populous celebrities. Balayage has been in the market for long as a technique to try out. However, the new technique that you might not have heard of is the hair hand paint that has the possibility of giving you highlights even in your dreams.

Unlike Balayage and other traditional hair painting, it involves applying color to the hair without the use of tools like the brush. Just like the name suggests, the color gets applied to the hair with the help of the hands of the colorist. Hair hand painting is the most advanced technique in the portfolio of hair color. You can achieve it by use of the hands and no tool is necessary for applying the products. The common products are high lift dyes, bleach, tint color, and much more.

When this paint is applied by a person with a lot of experience, this process will eliminate chances of demarcation lines left by brushes. You may also get particular with where you place the highlights, and can be carried out on all hair lengths, textures, and types.

Therefore, how do the colorists know the place to apply the color? Skills, understanding where light hits, and the geometry of haircuts will help in knowing where to apply the color. For color placement, you utilize hair cut angles and the natural texture of the hair. The product is put on the hand, then you take a small amount at each time, beginning on the tips or ends, you work it towards the root.

You can choose to be as light or as heavy as you wish. The technique is extremely natural and organic, being that the hair commands the way and the amount to be applied. The results are usually multi-transitional tones. It is also a quick way of coloring or lightening hair without commitments.


Bar Salon and Spa, Stuart Florida, best hair salon, foilyage, balayage, bowlayage, french haircut

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